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Five-finger clogs with open toes

GETALS is a geta with five fingers open. We are particular about materials produced in Gifu prefecture and use Tono Hinoki for the pedestal. Tono Hinoki is a material that is very comfortable to the touch, in addition to its antibacterial action and relaxation effect due to its scent.

Enjoy the comfortable feel of wood to open your toes every day. Geta that stimulates your toes.

Raw materials

   Pedestal: Hinoki Tono

   Thong:    Faux suede (polyester)

   Sole:      Vulcanized rubber

The sole is durable and has a non-slip Vibram sole.

Please select the size based on the size of the shoes you are actually wearing.

It is easier to walk with less heels if you choose a slightly smaller one.