How to put on and take off GETALS

【At first】

One of the purposes is to move the toes by wearing GETALS. Some people find it difficult to wear, but please refer to how to wear it. If your toes are not moving, you will not be able to wear them easily, so please think that you are moving your toes for your health. Once you can wear it, you will feel it, so you will be able to wear it again. However, the hanao is stiff, so if you think it hurts, don't overdo it, like "wear a little, rest a little". The hanao will surely fit your feet. We hope that you will feel the movement of your toes and wear it for as long as possible to get one step closer to your health.

For GETALS, the thong is important, so please be careful about how to put your fingers.

GETALS has left and right, so please be careful not to make a mistake. Left and right stickers are pasted on the back.

GETALS has four front acupuncture points, and the front acupuncture points are placed between the fingers as shown in the photo.

Before putting it on, soften the thong by pulling it with your hand so that your toes can easily get between the front acupuncture points.

Also squeeze the back of the thong so that your feet can easily enter.

Place the GETALS on the floor, with the center of gravity in front, spread your toes, and slowly insert your fingers. (It is easier to wear it if you put GETALS on the floor.)

Please note that the front acupuncture points will be inserted between your fingers.

Once you put it on, the front acupuncture points will move left and right, so adjust it to a comfortable position.

Once you wear it, you will gradually get used to it and it will become easier to wear.

To take it off, hold down one of the heels as shown in the picture and lift the heel to take it off easily.

GETALS is slightly strengthened to promote the massage effect of the toes.

Before you get used to it, your toes may not move well and you may find it difficult to wear, but it will fit your feet in a few days.

It also aims to have the effect of consciously moving the toes, which are rarely moved.

In order to get good health, I hope that you will be able to catch the ground with your toes along with this massage effect.

Please enjoy GET ALS every day.