How to wear GETALS

Thank you for choosing GETALS Here is how to wear them. Hanaos are the straps that goes through the toes, and they are the most important parts of GETALS, so make sure you insert your toes into the right places. You will see the "right" or the "left" Geta strap stickers on the back of the GETALS. A One of many unique features of GETALS is the "maetsubo", which are the four straps between the big toe and little toe, as shown in the right picture. In order to achieve the massage effects, the maetsubo is a little tight in the beginning. Your toes may not move well at first until you get used to it however, they will fit your feet in a few days.

For GETALS, the thong is important, so please be careful about how to put your fingers.

GETALS has left and right, so please be careful not to make a mistake. Left and right stickers are pasted on the back.

GETALS has four front acupuncture points, and the front acupuncture points are placed between the fingers as shown in the photo.

First, lift and stretch the maetsubo so that you can easily put your toes into between them as shown in the left picture.

Next, slowly stretch the back of the straps so that you can easily put your feet as shown in the right picture.

Then, put them on in while sitting down. Place the GETALS on the floor, put your weight forward, spread your toes, and slowly insert your toes. (It may be easier to place GETALS on the floor to wear them). Make sure the maetsubo are between your toes.

The maetsubo can be shifted sideways for your comfort. You will gradually get used to it them and become easier to wear. 

 To take them off, hold down one of the heels and lift the heel to easily take it off as shown in the left picture.

GETALS is slightly strengthened to promote the massage effect of the toes.

Before you get used to it, your toes may not move well and you may find it difficult to wear, but it will fit your feet in a few days.

It also aims to have the effect of consciously moving the toes, which are rarely moved.

In order to get good health, I hope that you will be able to catch the ground with your toes along with this massage effect.

Please enjoy GETALS every day.