GETALS represent a brand new type of geta sandals

These geta sandals have been designed to separate the toes and promote health. The base of the geta is made using "Tono Hinoki." This material is a premium construction material, resistant to moisture, fragrant, and processed to be gentle on the human foot. It can be modeled to fit the shape of the foot, allowing for the creation of comfortable geta sandals. The cloth straps, known as "hanao," are specially designed to enhance the movement of the toes. These straps contribute to better mobility of the toes, resulting in sandals that are consistently comfortable to walk in. GETALS represents a fusion of Japanese and Western styles, pushing the design of footwear one step ahead of competitors. For those conscious of their health, we believe this product is ideal.

An exquisite combination of Japanese and Western

By matching the clogs with a casual design hanao, we created a new geta shape = GETALS.

The modern Japanese hanao pursues simple and fluffy relaxation.

A gentle S-curve form. Use Tono Hinoki

We have achieved a comfortable fit with an excellent S-shaped gentle curve and an easily wearable slanted form that conforms to the foot. The pedestal, made of Tono Hinoki, a prefectural lumber from Gifu Prefecture, enhances relaxation with the beauty and fragrance of hinoki cypress.

The toes are open and it feels good to wear

With five toes, the toes of the foot are opened, and you can move your toes when you are wearing them. The stimulation of the toes feels good. Since you can exercise your toes, it is very effective as a measure against floating fingers.

You can walk beautifully in a well-balanced manner

By opening the five fingers, the force is distributed to each toe in a well-balanced manner, so you can walk more and more beautifully with a stable feeling of comfort.

Easy toe exercise, one step closer to good health

With the five-fingered toes open, you can use it gently even for hallux valgus. By using all five fingers, you can move your toes as if you were barefoot. A new type of footwear that has the potential to bring you one step closer to good health. The stimulation of the toes feels good. Since the toes are open and you can exercise the toes, it is very effective as a measure against floating fingers.

GETALS is made by Saganoya