GETALS is a coined word that combines geta and sandals.

Clogs, traditional Japanese footwear, and Western-style sandals are blended together. The clog pedestal made of Tono Hinoki enhances the Japanese spirit. The "hanao," essential for opening the five fingers, brings a sense of the near future and imparts a distinctive impression.

We are confident that the collaboration between Japan and the West will be one step ahead in shaping footwear and will surely satisfy health-conscious users.

Written as GETALS and pronounced as "Getals." We hope that with these Getals, you can lead a healthy and enjoyable life. Furthermore, we strive daily to create footwear that is loved by everyone.

Proposal as a new lifestyle

At the workshop in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, the representative, Masato Omori, carefully handcrafts GETALS one by one. Omori focused on the effect of promoting blood flow to the whole body by stimulating the toes and encouraging toe movement by opening the toes to five fingers. We have developed GETALS using "Hinoki". By utilizing the beauty and texture of the wood surface of "Tono Hinoki" and the aroma and antibacterial properties of "Tono Hinoki" for health effects, we have created a completely new footwear that looks and feels comfortable. We recommend GETALS, which is a clean and healthy footwear, as a proposal to shift to a new lifestyle that is occurring in the flow of the times.

"Considering wearing GETALS, which are traditional Japanese clogs, indoors."

By wearing shoes, modern people are less likely to move their toes on a regular basis. Studies have shown that this causes a symptom of floating fingers, which causes back pain and stiff shoulders. Even if it is impossible to exercise all day long, if you can exercise your toes little by little every day, you will not degenerate.

GETALS makes it easy to move your toes. So, I think that if you wear GETALS in your house all year round, it will lead you to toe exercise to heal your toes that are nervous and tired at work outside. is. I know that most people are reluctant to wear geta indoors. Therefore, resin is attached to muffle the sound.

Many people are addicted to GETALS, who can open their toes and exercise moderately. Some people want to go home early after work because of this comfort. It's the same as getting a healthy family and good health together. I would be grateful if you could try GETALS once, which makes you want to go home early because of this comfort.

There is no doubt that you will be captivated by GETALS.

 Saganoya and representative Masato Omori