When to Wear GETALS

GETALS represent a brand new type of geta sandals, combining toe hygiene with Japanese tradition. The design that keeps your toes healthy has all kinds of positive effects. GETALS can make your everyday life more comfortable. In Japan, it is customary to take off your shoes before entering a house. At home, Japanese people tend to wear slippers or walk around barefoot, which keeps the floor clean and significantly improves one’s health. You can try using GETALS as slippers to keep your house tidy and your health in excellent shape. By wearing GETALS at home, you can recreate the harmony of the Japanese spirit, which will help you stay vital and keep your life organized. Our goal is to brighten your days with GETALS.

Watch the video to learn how you can use GETALS.

(The video shows how to use them as slippers.)

We recommend GETALS because we want you to enjoy your "new daily life" in a fun and comfortable way.

GETALS is now a hot topic as a product that aims to make your stay home comfortable, enjoyable, and healthy as everyday shoes or indoor shoes.

GETALS is footwear designed for performing heel raising and lowering exercises.

Heel raising and lowering exercises allow the toes to catch the ground, which can stimulate muscles that are not normally used. It is especially effective for stimulating adductor muscles. And the stimulation of the toes is very pleasant. Since you can exercise your toes, it is effective as a measure against floating fingers.

GETALS can be worn at home Room clogs are comfortable footwear

GETALS, which you can wear at home, is on the side of busy housewives every day. You can exercise your toes between household chores while cleaning, cooking, and easily attracting good health.

GETALS is the best footwear for teleworking

Sitting for extended periods during office work can lead to physical discomfort. GETALS is comfortable footwear designed to encourage moderate toe movement, enhance blood circulation from the feet, improve overall well-being, and increase work efficiency, all thanks to its open-toe design. You can work comfortably while stimulating your toes.

Experts say that sitting too much on telework causes blood circulation to become irregular and is prone to illness. GETALS is the best footwear for maintaining good health because it can promote toe movement and blood flow while sitting at work.

GETALS is a comfortable footwear that brings you one step closer to good health just by wearing it.

Just by wearing GETALS and walking, your toes and fingers will be massaged moderately. The stimulation of the toes is very comfortable. Since the toes open, it is effective in relieving pain in hallux valgus and measures against floating fingers, so it is especially recommended.