Recommended GETALS exercise

Thank you for your continued use of our product, GETALS. We would like to introduce GETALS exercises to improve health. Wearing GETALS daily for a few minutes can be very effective. Try it!

①Play rock-scissors with your toes.(Toe gyu-pa exercise)

 Playing rock-scissors with your toes has the following effects:

・ Promoting good blood circulation in the whole feet.

・  Preventing the body from getting cold.

・  Moving the toes helps improve floating fingers.


As shown in the right picture, slowly play rock-scissors with your toes 20 times while you watch TV, play games, work, etc.

②  Do heel-raising and heel-lowering exercise.

Heel-raising and heel-lowering exercise trains adductor muscles, inner thigh muscles, thin legs, hip up, and fall prevention.

 ① Stand with your legs slightly open, bend your knees slightly, and put weight on your toes and feel the burn in your adductor muscles. (If you keep your knees extended, your calves

and Achilles tendon will be strained. It is easier to do this exercise while bending your

knees lightly.)

② Raise your heels slowly and lower your heels slowly as shown in the picture on the right.

③ Repeat this exercise slowly for 5 minutes focusing on your adductor muscles. Try it while watching TV, doing house chores, playing games, etc.


As shown in the picture on the right, slowly do heel-raising and heel-lowering 5 times while you watch TV, playing games, working, etc.

Enjoy watching TV, playing games, doing household chores, and exercising.