Recommended GETALS exercise

I would like to introduce the GETALS exercise so that you can easily get healthy while wearing GETALS.

Wear GETALS for a few minutes every day and have fun. The stimulation of the toes is the most comfortable.

① Toe gyu-paa exercise

Effect: It promotes blood flow throughout the foot and helps prevent the body from getting cold. By moving the toes, it helps to improve floating fingers.


・ Wear GETALS and gooper your toes.

・ Slowly recommend 20 times of "Gyu-Paa".

② Heel raising and lowering exercise

Effect: It strengthens the adductor muscles and helps to thin the legs, raise the hips, and prevent falls.


・ Stand with your legs slightly open, bend your knees slightly, and put pressure on your toes to be aware of the adductor muscles. (If you keep your knees extended, your calves and Achilles tendon will be strained, so it is easier to bend your knees lightly.)

・ Wear GETALS and slowly raise and lower your heels.

・ For 5 minutes a day, put your strength into the adductor muscles and go slowly.

Enjoy watching TV, playing games, doing household chores, and exercising.